This is something that I have heard of yet had never personally done until today. I think the practice even has a hashtag on Twitter, though I don’t remember what it is.

Today I ran a 2K race in the morning, a very short distance for what would normally be my long, slow distance day, so I went out again this evening for 5K. A double Sunday runday!

This morning’s run was 1.25 miles in 12:54 for an average pace of 10:21/mile. This evening’s run was 3.2 miles in 39:11 for an average pace of 12:15/mile.

I used to think that running twice in one day was something only hardcore runners did, but this evening’s run felt great and I am so glad I went. Though I don’t love my neighborhood’s poorly lit streets, I do so love the smell and feel of the Mexican night air in the springtime. The jasmine vines were in bloom and their scent was heavenly. I wonder if I will be tempted to run twice in one day again. Only time will tell.