IMG_5748We have lived in Mexico for nearly ten years and our time in this beautiful country will soon come to an end. We have decided to repatriate to Canada to allow for more quality time with our extended family members. I first realized I could be doing a countdown on Day 95, though I only installed a countdown app at that time. What else could I possibly do, not to mention I felt that Day 95 was a weird day to start a countdown!

We were on holidays as Day 50 approached and I decided I could pay tribute to my adopted city, Monterrey, via #50daysofmty on Instagram. I figured, “I run, I take pictures, why not?” I committed to posting every day with a focus on the things I have loved while running and walking around town for the past few years. As I run and walk around the city there are so many scenic spots and locations of runner nostalgia. Today is Day 34 and the countdown continues, though being back at work makes it a lot more challenging!

I haven’t signed up for any running races since the conclusion of my November 2016 half marathon. The two spring half marathons have come and gone, and with the weekends packed with denouement obligations, I am unlikely to sign up for any more races before I leave Mexico. I could just sit on my rump and vegetate, which often happens for a while when I don’t sign up for races, but no, because I am compelled to have my IG show Day 50 through Day 0 in the format to which I have thus far committed (see image). It is working so well to get me out the door, even when the temperature gets to 40C/104F, that I may just drum up another countdown with which to amuse myself when this one concludes.

If you are looking for new ways to motivate yourself to run and walk I highly recommend it!